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Women on Boards

Ma to rourou me taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi

We are the only women’s organisation in New Zealand dedicated to women on boards.

Our Vision

"Gender equality in governance"

Our Mission

“Inspire, educate, connect and support all women in their governance journey"

Our Purpose

"Increase gender diversity on all boards"

Who are we?

Women on Boards New Zealand represents extraordinary women who want to continuously advance their governance careers.

Our network of trusted women directors are dedicated to supporting women to be successful in their own governance journeys.

We are here to assist women to achieve their board aspirations and goals from the beginning of their board careers.

What do we do?

We support female directors through personal connections and sharing knowledge.

We enhance board composition by advocating for ethno-gender diversity.

We empower women to make an impact and we celebrate success.

Why do we exist?

While the research shows New Zealand has 50.9% women are on public sector boards [1] there is still work to do to increase gender representation on all boards and increase ethnic diversity.

Women make up only 25.9% of directors on private company boards and only seven companies have achieved gender equality. [2] The statistics for culturally diverse gender representation is significantly behind and on public sector boards, 71.4 % are European, 22.3% are Māori and 5.4 % are Pacific peoples. [3]

[1] Source: 2020 stocktake of Gender, Maori, Pacific, and Ethnic Diversity on public sector boards and committees

[2] Source: Hawarden, R and Greenwood, P, 2021, Women in the boardroom: International Governance Stocktake 2021, Thought Leadership Committee, The Chartered Governance Institute, London.

[3] Source: 2020 stocktake of Gender, Maori, Pacific, and Ethnic Diversity on public sector boards and committees

Why join Women on Boards?

Women on Boards NZ provides excellent opportunities for aspiring and existing women directors to connect and learn on a local, regional, and global level.


Membership is open to all.

When you join Women on Boards, you automatically become a subscriber member of Governance New Zealand.

Membership fees = $250 per year.
Half year Subscription (now till 30 June 2022) = $150.00(GST incl.)

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We are here to provide practical support and encouragement, with a genuine personal connection.

Let us be a part of your journey to becoming a woman on boards.

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