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2018 Women on Boards Conference

Moving up the Ladder: Mapping your governance journey

The 3rd Annual Women on Boards Conference was held 10 May in Auckland and, once again, was heralded a resounding success by all who attended! The day offered plenty of practical advice and moments of pure inspiration aptly provided by a diverse array of highly knowledgeable presenters including Hon Julie Anne Genter, Hannah McQueen, Renee Graham, Alison Lewes, Rangimarie Hunia, Susan Doughty and many others only too willing to share their wisdom and expertise! There were also ample opportunities to do what women do best - networking and information sharing with fellow professional women.

During the conference we launched this video montage of successful and experienced female directors sharing their insights on life in the boardroom.

Voice of Experience: Directorships from Governance NZ Inc on Vimeo.

Here's how one appreciative attendee summed up her experience of the day...

"What a superb event. I was really impressed with the valuable content you crafted and the great mix of people participating. The conference was extremely well delivered. Really interesting to note among attendees was a prominent events organiser who regularly delivers large events (500+) in our sector. Having chosen your conference among stiff competition she said how much she had valued the fresh new voices you showcased along with well known influencers. Congratulations! You have created a really successful professional development offering and one that deserves to keep flourishing in a crowded market."

The Women on Boards Annual Conference has justly secured its place as the provider of a quality, relevant and innovative boutique conference offering to females working at all levels and at all stages of their governance careers.

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