Governance NZ

Key benefits of studying with Governance New Zealand

Studying with Governance New Zealand’s Professional Education Programme will provide you with

  • a fully accredited and internationally recognised (portable) postgraduate qualification focused entirely on corporate governance
  • the gateway to full chartered membership of Governance New Zealand Inc. and access to our international affiliations
  • the flexibility of distance study to ensure adequate work/life balance
  • practical knowledge and skills that can be readily applied in your workplace to give you a competitive personal and career edge
  • an explicit demonstration of your expertise in, and commitment to, sound governance practice
  • the ability to foster excellence in governance, corporate conduct and administration as a proactive member of the senior executive team
  • an in-depth understanding of how to meet compliance requirements, including the NZ Companies Act, NZX Listing Rules and key governance guidelines
  • the expertise to become a highly regarded adviser to management and the board, or to be a valued board member
  • the opportunity to network with other governance professionals and senior managers