Not for Profit Governance

Good Governance Principles and Guidance for Not For Profits

Designed to assist directors and boards in their conversation on good governance and how they can implement practical approaches in improving governance.

Contains Ten Principles and Questions for Consideration ... READ MORE

Released by the Australian Institute of Company Directors - April 2013

Specimen board meeting etiquette (Not for profit organisations)

This guidance note provides practical guidance on modern etiquette for those participating in not-for-profit board meetings ... READ MORE

Released by ICSA Global - February 2012

Strengthening Leadership and Governance for Non-profit Boards

Generative thinking vital to the success of your not-for-profit organisation. If theres one thing that directors of non-profit boards can agree on, its that it can be very difficult to agree on things. Finding solutions to the challenges facing not-for-profit organisations at the board level is not easy. To be more effective, boards need to start reframing the questions they ask of themselves and their purpose to ensure the organisation is moving in a more long-term, sustainable direction ... READ MORE

Released by PWC Canada/DirectorConnect

A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector

This Code sets out six Code principles, with an explanation of why each principle is important, key legal requirements that your organisation must meet, and examples of how you could put the principles into practice ... READ MORE

Released through ICSA Global