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Special General Meetings 2023 - Rule Changes

The Committee for New Zealand and Board of Governance New Zealand has undertaken a review of the Rules in respect of the Committee for New Zealand and the New Zealand Division, and of the Governance New Zealand Incorporated Society Rules.

This review followed a similar review undertaken by the Chartered Governance Insitute over the past two years resulting in Council approval of the new Charter and Byelaws in 2020 and formal Privy Council approval in April 2023.

Many of the changes are to modernise the Rules and bring them into line with accepted best practice, the Chartered Governance Institute’s changes and requirements, and the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022. In many cases, the intent remains the same, with rewording for clarity and brevity.

There are new Rules relating to representation on the Committee for New Zealand from geographical areas, the flexibility to co-opt members to the Governance New Zealand board and extending the term available to the President/Chairperson to three years. The Governance New Zealand Rules introduce a new membership category, the corporate member.

As required by the Charter for the Chartered Governance Institute, the proposed changes have been reviewed by the Constitutional Advisory Committee and approved by the Council.

The changes are now presented to members for approval.

  1. Table of Changes
  2. Proposed Committee for New Zealand Rules 
  3. Current Committee for New Zealand Rules
  4. Proposed Governance New Zealand Inc Rules
  5. Current Governance New Zealand Inc Rules

Next Steps:

  1. Virtual Meeting to discuss Rule changes: Monday 7 August 2023 at 4pm
  2. Register Here
  3. Special General Meeting to approve Rule changes: Virtual meeting on Monday 21 August 2023 at 5.30pm for members of the Chartered Governance Institute and 5.45pm for members of Governance New Zealand Inc.
  4. Register Here

If you cannot attend the meeting/s, please complete the proxy form/s for the New Zealand Division of the Chartered Governance Institute Special General Meeting and/or the Governance new Zealand Incorporated Society Special General Meeting. Details of where to send the form/s are on the proxy form.

Proxy Form - New Zealand Division of the Chartered Governance Institute Special General Meeting

Proxy Form - Governance New Zealand Incorporated Society Special General Meeting

Contact if you have any questions.