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Top Student for Semester Two 2022

Prize for Academic Excellence

Each semester a prize for academic excellence is awarded to the student achieving the highest overall mark. Recognition of this prize is acknowledged in the Governance New Zealand Inc. Annual Report.

Congratulations to Nicky Mules who achieved the highest overall mark across all modules studied in Semester Two 2022. Nicky gained a total mark of 93.5% in the Corporate Governance module.

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"Throughout the semester, we covered the changing nature of governance including the growing focus on stakeholders and increased expectations on businesses to serve broader societal interests in key areas like climate change and social inequality. I found the emerging global governance trends and insights about the different approaches adopted in the US, UK, South Africa, and Australia particularly valuable. Our lecturer, John Horsley, was great. He stepped us through the various non-financial risk management and ESG reporting tools and techniques available and how these could be applied in certain scenarios. I recommend the course to anyone working in governance looking to get up to speed on best practice and what’s available to leverage here in NZ and overseas."

Semester One 2023 commences 6 March...

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