Governance NZ

Congratulations to the winners of the Governance New Zealand Academic Merit Award & Scholarship

Governance New Zealand (GNZ), the premiere organisation focused on Governance education in New Zealand, announced winners of the GNZ Academic Merit Award and Scholarship for 2022. Three accomplished students from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Professional Masters programmes from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law were conferred with the award and scholarship that will support them to succeed in future professional development.

Awarded in recognition of their academic achievement in courses of relevance to the field of corporate governance, the Merit Award winners, Derhardt van der Merwe and Stephanie Brown received 12 month membership subscription to GNZ together with a $1,000 fund to participate in GNZ and Women on Boards NZ professional activities.

The membership provides them with access to information, events, networks, and resources available to the members of GNZ, Women on Boards NZ, and the global network of the Chartered Governance Institute.

Chelsea Nociar was conferred with the GNZ Academic Merit Scholarship that covers tuition fees towards the completion of her Professional Education Programme with GNZ and becoming a Chartered Governance Professional and Associate member of GNZ.

Established in 2021, the partnership between GNZ and AUT Business School aims to fulfil GNZ’s core purpose of strengthening the future of governance and developing future governance leaders of New Zealand.

Dr Andrew Godfrey, Chair, Education and Professional Standards Committee at Governance NZ said, “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with Auckland University of Technology Business School, bringing together the business and academic communities to promote the principles of excellence in governance through shared education, research and professional experience resources.”

Speaking about the award winners, he said, “The Partnership Panel members were very impressed with the calibre of students studying the AUT MBA and Professional Masters programmes. We applaud the high grades achieved by our winner in their studies, the links they highlighted between MBA modules and governance issues, their commitment to governance in career terms and the interest expressed in GNZ as the only specialist professional body awarding Chartered status. We look forward to helping them develop their governance careers.”

Dr Ken Lee, Director MBA and Professional Masters Programme, AUT Business School said, “The partnership between AUT Business School and GNZ is an excellent fit for both organisations, providing collaboration and support on many level. The first of which is this significant student scholarship and award. I see this relationship growing from strength to strength in the future.”

Speaking about the scholarship winners, he said, “The successful recipients are all top performers who will gain a high return on the Governance New Zealand investment in them”.