Governance NZ

Our Teaching Faculty

The Professional Education Programme is designed and taught by leading law and business academics and expert practitioners in corporate and public sector governance.

John Horsley FCG

John Horsley teaches and researches in the areas of governance, ethics, corporate and commercial law. John is an academic at the MIT Manukau School of Business and has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in law.

John is a Fellow of Governance New Zealand and is the writer and lecturer for the Corporate Governance paper for the postgraduate Governance New Zealand Professional Education Programme.

Andrea McLachlan

Andrea is a qualified barrister and solicitor who has spent many years working in different fields including Government departments, private practice, and as an academic. She holds a Master of Laws (First Class Honours) from Waikato University and is aiming to complete a Phd in the Corporate Law field one day.

Company Law is one of Andrea's favourite areas to study because of its essential nature in doing business. She encourages students to immerse themselves in what is currently happening in the corporate world and apply this knowledge to their study during the semester. Andrea is the lecturer for the Corporate Law paper.

Dr Christopher Theunissen

Christopher’s career has included roles as diverse as police officer and academic, with experience in management, training and educational leadership. He has led various MBA executive education programmes in the public and private sectors, and has lectured and provided training to audiences across an array of subjects including strategy, leadership and management.

He is a qualified adult trainer and holds a BAdmin (International Relations), a BAdmin (Hons) (Public Administration), a MAdmin (Public Administration) and a DLitt et Phil (Political Studies).

Christopher is the lecturer for the Development of Strategy, Risk & Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Accountability: Meetings & Disclosure papers.