Governance NZ

Development of Strategy

    Module objectives

    To examine the meaning and purpose of strategy
    To understand the differences between planning and strategy
    To address the core terms associated with the development of strategy
    To explore the evolution of thinking about strategy.
    To examine the alignment of strategy and management
    To understand the nature of organisations and role of strategy

    Areas covered

    Key concepts

    What is strategy?
    Development of strategy

    Planning, strategy and strategic planning — What’s in a term?
    What is planning?
    How do planning and strategy differ?

    Definitions of strategy

    A lexicon for strategy development
    A sampler of strategic terms
    Planning, management, context
    Organisation, vision, mission
    Objectives, goals, targets
    Complexity, culture, risk

    Evolution of thinking about strategy development

    Links to management

    What is an organisation?
    Organisations as systems
    Strategy, stability and flexibility
    Purpose, Mission statement, Vision statement
    Statement of organisational values
    Statement of objectives

    Private, public and not-for-profit sectors
    Strategy in small business
    Strategy in not–for-profit organisations
    Strategy in the public sector

    Risk and strategy

    Scope, boundaries, success

    Novel perspectives on strategy
    Strategy as expensive
    Strategy as important