Governance NZ

Honouring our Milestone Members!

We are delighted to have so many loyal members who have achieved long-service milestone memberships during 2020!

We are also extremely privileged to spend time with some of these members when they opt to attend our local AGM's and have their long-service certificates presented to them by the Branch Committee.

View photo gallery of members who opted to receive their certificates at their local AGM...

Our 2020 milestone members

70 YearsTim Donaldson FCG (Ret)Auckland
70 YearsColin Mason ACG (Hon)Auckland
60 YearsRonald Patten ACG (Ret)Auckland

50 YearsRamesh Mehta ACG Auckland
50 YearsDavid Barber ACG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsAlan Ogle ACG (Ret)Canterbury
50 YearsAlexander Jannis ACG (Hon)Waikato-Bay of Plenty
50 Years Gerry Leaper ACG (Hon)Canterbury
50 YearsDavid Nicholson ACG (Hon)Auckland
50 YearsAlec Day ACG (Hon)Auckland
50 YearsNeville Moffitt FCG (Ret)Canterbury
50 YearsTony Richardson FCG Wellington
50 YearsAnthony Rumbold ACG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsRusty Whittle ACG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsArthur Woodcock ACG (Ret)Wellington
50 YearsIan Gunthorp ACG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsGrahame Wilson ACG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsJohn Steer ACG Auckland
50 YearsNorman Johnston FCG (Ret)Auckland
50 YearsGeorge Relph FCG (Hon)Auckland
50 YearsBarrie Singleton ACG (Ret)Waikato-Bay of Plentry
40 YearsGraham Haines ACG (Ret)Waikato-Bay of Plenty
40 YearsColin Olesen ACG Waikato-Bay of Plenty
40 Years Jacques Tait ACG (Hon)Auckland
40 YearsGreg Moyle ACG (Ret)Auckland
40 YearsRobert Faasse ACGAuckland
40 YearsEwen Kirkdale ACG Central Districts
40 YearsGrant Diggle FCG Auckland
40 YearsErrol Tongs ACG (Ret)Otago-Southland
40 YearsMichael Jenkins FCG (Ret)Wellington
40 YearsErnest Mudogo FCGAuckland
25 YearsAndrew Singh ACGCentral Districts
25 YearsCarmen Fitzi-Gordon ACG (Ret)Auckland
25 YearsBettina Lowe ACGWellington
25 YearsBenjamin Stockbridge ACGWellington
25 YearsPee Ink Tan ACGWellington
25 YearsRasik Lal FCG (Ret)Auckland
25 YearsGeraldine Baumann FCGWellington
25 YearsDennis Hall ACGCentral Districts
25 YearsDavid Trotman ACGOverseas
25 YearsSandra Anderson FCGCentral Districts
25 YearsWilliam Cairns FCGAuckland
25 YearsAndrea Douglas FCGOverseas
25 YearsTony Read ACGOtago-Southland

10 YearsGregory Kantor ACGAuckland
10 YearsYee Yang 'Square' Lee ACGAuckland
10 Years Kumaran Mangalakumar ACGAuckland
10 YearsNicholas Gilbertson ACG (Ret)Wellington
10 Years Donna Hill ACGWaikato - Bay of Plenty
10 Years Richardson Sorrenson FCG (Hon)Auckland
10 YearsMurray Tracy ACG (Hon)Auckland
10 years Mary Gardiner FCG Auckland
10 Years Andrew Kingstone FCGAuckland