Governance NZ

Governance Lessons Learned

Keynote speaker, Dame Jenny Shipley, invited attendees to think about guarding their independence, not to succumb to group think, and to be absolutely clear on their leadership intent. She also challenged Board members to seek independent 3rd party advice when a situation in the Boardroom just didn't feel feel right.

Dame Jenny Shipley was one of 15 national and international thought leaders presenting at the annual national Governance Conference in Auckland 1 October. The event was well attended with 115 delegates from throughout New Zealand and overseas gathering to hear presentations on a diverse range of governance-related topics including diversity of thought in the boardroom, crisis management, the role of modern boards, AI and cyber-security.

We were also exceptionally privileged to have Edith Shih FCIS, President of The Governance Institute,(previously The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators) open the conference and deliver a presentation on the global future of governance. Edith is in New Zealand for the Institute's International Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting which Governance New Zealand is hosting.