Governance NZ

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Good governance often relies on clarity and timing, something many boards across New Zealand can be challenged by. The lack of real-time access, the volume of material and up-to-date information add to the pressure of delivering sound practice, both from an administrative perspective and the boards engagement with the latest updates.

The unique StellarBoard platform ensures clarity across the board with real-time accuracy, live updates and amendments to board papers and important information. StellarBoard ensures complete control and visibility across multiple devices, whether online or offline. This allows multiple users to easily access, work on and update sensitive material with complete confidence from anywhere, anytime.

Stellar’s Board Platform is simple to use, with intuitive navigation and robust security. Your administration team and board members will be up to speed, on time and reaping the rewards of enhanced security, control and visibility.

The StellarBoard Platform specialises in the management of administrative and executive tasks, from creating board books and memos to agendas. With everything at your fingertips, be it administration or governance, compliance and confidence are just two of the benefits StellarBoard is delivering to clients throughout the world.

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