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Effective Minute Taking - Online Video


Every entity will hold meetings of some sort as part of the daily, weekly or monthly routine at which minutes will need to be taken.

But minutes don’t just take themselves! They require an individual to ‘craft them’ as a record of the important points of a discussion and any decisions made related to that discussion.

Properly prepared minutes can provide meaningful protection against potential liabilities, while inadequate minutes increase an organisation’s exposure.

This online learning module will provide you with some highly practical ways to improve your skills in minute taking.

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Topics covered include:

  • the role of the meeting secretary or minute taker
  • what a good practice agenda looks like
  • why minutes are important and what the different types are
  • the core components that make up good minutes how you can create a style and format for your organisation
  • what to leave in and what to leave out recording conflicts and dissent with accuracy and confidence
  • how to amend minutes when changes need to be made
  • practical ways to record actions in a list including a working example


Linda Noble
As an experienced management professional, Linda has worked extensively in complex organisational and governance structures in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


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