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Congratulations to Andrée Talbot CNZM

Women on Boards Member, Andrée Talbot CNZM, has been honoured in the New Year Honours List 2019 for services to the Plunket Society...

Mrs Andrée Talbot has been involved with Plunket in governance roles since the late 1990s and served as National President from 2014 to 2017.

Mrs Talbot joined the Devonport sub-branch in 1996 and soon became President, leading a major project for new Plunket rooms for Devonport. She was elected President of the Waitemata Area Committee in 2004 and over three years she linked the eight Branch committees and their 40 or so sub-branch committees into a cohesive group. She joined the Plunket New Zealand Council at this time and represented Waitemata at national conferences. She was an active member of three national working groups, including a review of the Society’s rules, the Centenary Committee, and Plunket’s Governance, Leadership and Succession Planning working party. She was elected to the National Board in 2007 and served on several national sub-committees. As National President from 2014 she oversaw Plunket’s move towards consolidating nationally into a charitable trust. She visited Area Societies and led discussions on how Plunket needed to change and provided input into rules changes. Mrs Talbot, as Chair of the National Board, oversaw commencement of the transition in 2017. Plunket successfully transitioned to a charitable trust beginning 1 January 2018.

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Published 31 December 2018