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What are the key challenges faced by female directors?

By Priti Garude, Communications Consultant, Governance NZ and Women on Boards NZ

Limited opportunities to network, mum-guilt and unconscious biases were some of the biggest challenges faced by women in governance, according to three award-winning women board directors.

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Truth about Governance: From the founder of Women on Boards NZ

By Dr Rosanne Hawarden, Founder, Women on Boards NZ

"I spent many hours on understanding why women were not getting onto boards, partly to satisfy my own unfulfilled aspirations and to fulfil the demands of high level scientific doctoral research."

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International Women's Day: Women in tech, are they misrepresented, or is this a myth?

By Farah Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Cybercraft

"As a woman of colour in a leading technology organisation, where the industry is still male dominated, it is crucial to acknowledge how far we have come and how much further we still need to get."

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    Women in the boardroom: International Governance Stocktake

    Date: March 2021

    In early 2020, the Thought Leadership Committee (TLC) of The Chartered Governance Institute commenced an international study of board gender diversity, across the nine jurisdictions represented on the Committee.

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    Date: 4 Aug 2022

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