Governance NZ

Risk & Compliance


Risk and Compliance covers an extremely wide range of topic areas which will enable students to gain an understanding of important issues in relation to risk and compliance principles, frameworks and approaches.

Subject aims

1. The aim of this subject is to assist you in identifying, understanding and applying the crucial elements involved in organisational risk management and compliance and the environment in which they apply.

2. The practice of risk management and compliance requires the following:

a. identifying the key risk management and compliance principles and frameworks

b. applying these principles and frameworks in order to foster an enterprise wide risk culture

3. This subject has been designed to achieve the following aims:

a. to understand risk management and compliance responsibilities of the board and management

b. to examine the concept, objectives and processes involved in establishing an enterprise wide risk management framework

c. to recognise the importance of establishing a risk culture for achieving business objectives and compliance

d. to appreciate the methodologies and systems for monitoring and reporting on compliance

e. to gain an understanding of risk management and compliance in specific areas and in specific applications or contexts

f. to apply concepts discussed throughout the subject to a case study

g. to provide check points at which you can assess your own organisations capability and compliance best practice.

Areas covered

  • Risk management framework
  • Compliance frameworks
  • Business continuity management
  • Reputation risk
  • Competition and Consumer Acts: Compliance
  • Privacy compliance
  • Project risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Employment law and risk
  • Workplace health and safety: Equal opportunity
  • KiwiSaver: The regulatory framework
  • Risk and compliance self-evaluation