Governance NZ

Advancement to Fellow

Application for advancement to Fellow

Members of Governance New Zealand Inc. are eligible to apply to become a Fellow member if they have been granted Associate standing with Governance New Zealand Inc. and have at least eight years relevant experience; and for three of the last ten years, have held one or more of the positions listed below.

a discerning career deserves a discerning designation

  • a company secretary or assistant company secretary
  • a senior executive or in an administrative position that, in the Governance New Zealand Council’s view, has at least the same status as a Company Secretary or Assistant Company Secretary
  • a senior academic in a university, or other higher or further education body
  • a member in public practice

The eight-year qualifying period may be reduced by up to three years, where you have one of the following:

  • a degree from a university which the Governance New Zealand Council considers of suitable academic standing
  • a diploma or other certificate which is nationally recognised as being equivalent to a degree from such a university
  • a professional qualification which the Governance New Zealand Council recognises as justifying the reduction


  • completed any other professional development that the Governance New Zealand Council decides justifies a reduction