Membership Admissions - 2010

We congratulate the following members on their admission as Associate or advancement to Fellowship.

Alister Craig Fitzgerald
Yee Yang Lee
Kumaran Mangalakumar
Victor Zvavahera

John Robert Apanowicz
Takeshi Ito

Student Awards 2009
The prize for the student who achieved the top-mark over all subjects was awarded to Mary Gardiner of Auckland in Semester One 2009 and Alister Fitzgerald of Auckland in Semester Two 2009.

Student Awards 2010
Shayne Blake of Auckland achieved the top-mark over all subjects in the Semester One 2010 examinations.

Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA)

The launch of Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA) was held on 22 March 2010.   To coincide with the launch CSIA has published a research paper titled “Twenty Practical Steps to Better Governance”.    This research paper can be downloaded from: