Wellington Hot Tub Event


Broadly speaking 'Gig' workers are self-employed specialists, confident and independent, who offer their skills to help solve short to medium-term business problems.
Recently Gig working has become better recognised. Unfortunately neither the companies using Gig workers nor the workers themselves have kept up with systems to make the most of this trend.


This Meetup draws on the experience of three senior Virtual Group Consultants who share their wisdom on what businesses could do to achieve better results from Gig workers.

PAT WAITE will draw on his many years experience employing consultants and contractors as a senior leader in banking, CEO of a crown entity and as a Chairman in many boards. Pat will discuss the employer’s dilemma of wanting to specify his expectations of the consultant, but allowing the consultant freedom to diagnose the real problem and solve it in the most effective way. He believes trust and deep relationships are needed to get the best value from consultants, and he will discuss insights into how this is achieved

KRIS COPPIETERS will enlarge on his experience as a software expert contracting to Apple, Adobe and others on major projects in printing and publishing. Software development works best as an organic process, but it is frequently managed as a mechanical one working to rigid specifications. Large sums of money can be mis-spent delivering to specifications that are out of date, poorly considered and/or not what the end-user really wants. He believes communication and relationships are critical.

JOHN PETTIGREW has for years successfully contracted using open-source software to develop client solutions. Many clients however have grown up with Windows systems and despite the strengths of open-source have difficulty understanding and working with it. John believes this can lead to ‘legacy thinking’ which limits options, and feels that clients who are flexible in approach and open to innovation get better results from contractors.


Wellesley Room, Wellington Club
82 The Terrace


  • 04:00 pm - 06:30 pm

  • 28 Mar 2019

  • The Wellington Club