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Technology Update

So much is happening in the technology space that affects our profession. This week’s Brief is the last for 2018 and includes articles on automation and artificial intelligence.

We will resume the Technical Briefs in February 2019, until then safe and happy holidays!

Five AI predictions for 2019

What are the forces driving enterprise AI in 2019? Forrester Research breaks down five, CIO-tailored AI predictions for the upcoming year. Read more…

Released by TechTarget December 2018

Company secretaries: it’s time for automation

Cloud computing, e-signatures, block chain, advanced artificial intelligence … there’s no denying technology has changed the way many of us work. Yet, despite the rise of technology and automation solutions, company secretaries are still feeling the burden of manual tasks, many of which are being carried out the same way they were 20 years ago. Read more…

Released by Governance Institute of Australia December 2018

Legal frontiers: AI to ethics

AI has already begun to revolutionise the way we live our lives and the way we work — and as this technology becomes more integrated with our everyday activities, we need to cast our eyes to the future to ensure this ongoing development maintains ethical standards and provides benefit for all. Read more…

Released by Lexis Nexis 2018

Future of financial process governance

Finance and controls professionals around the world face a tremendous range of responsibilities and challenges. Among many other roles, they are tasked with managing risks and ensuring effective controls across multiple financial systems, spanning general ledger and financial reporting, all revenue and payments, and the systems underlying all assets and liabilities. Read more...

Released by ACL 2018