Governance NZ


Small-to-medium (SME) and non-profit boards (NFP) are often less effective than they could be, despite the quality of their directors. Lack of time and resource frequently leads to issues such as poor reporting, unfocused meetings and forgotten action items. It’s frustrating for all parties involved, and particularly for board members who value their time and want to focus on making a contribution.

With BoardPro, you get a smart, elegant way to run an effective board with less effort. Your SME or NFP can streamline it’s entire board process to get organised, save time and reduce hassle.

Administrators get an end-to-end workflow that manages all the moving parts and enables them to save up to 50% of their time, and board members get quick and easy access to everything they need so they can prepare well and contribute more. All delivered in one integrated cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere, any time on any device.

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