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Honouring our Milestone Members!

We are delighted to have so many loyal members who have achieved long-service milestone memberships during 2018!
We are also extremely privileged to spend time with some of these members when they opt to attend our local AGM's and have their long-service certificates presented to them by the Branch Chair.

One such member is Donald Caradus FCIS who attended the Auckland Branch AGM on 28 November to be presented with his 70-year membership certificate by Auckland Branch Chair, Jayne Atherton, (pictured right with Don).

Don has been a Member with Governance New Zealand since June 1948, and now enjoys Honorary Member status.

We request that attending members provide a brief overview of their professional life and it transpires that 92 year old Don has experienced an interesting, varied and distinguished career, some of which spanned the iconic WWII years!

"Don secured a position with Auckland Harbour Board, and after several years he commenced night school to study for his accounting qualification. It was a sign of the times that, after 3 years employment, Don was asked to leave as he was occupying a position previously held by a returning soldier.

Don then spent 6 months in a printing company and unfortunately he was again asked to leave to make room for a returning soldier.

However, not deterred, Don joined the Cambridge Clothing Factory and qualified as an Accountant and Chartered Secretary in 1947.

He joined New Zealand Forest Products in 1951 where he was in charge of customs clearance and cartage to Kjnleith. From here, Don joined Eta Foods in 1958 as their Accountant and was appointed Company Secretary in 1962.

It was perhaps with Abels Ltd that Don reached the peak of his career. Starting there in 1972, Don held roles as the Assistant Secretary, the Company Secretary, General Manager and then as Chief Executive in 1986. Although retiring from Abels when it was taken over by Griffins, Don was retained as a consultant for another 2 years."

It was indeed an honour to meet you and share in your life's journey Don!

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2018 Milestone Members

Milestone Name Region
70 years Donald Caradus FCIS (Hon) Auckland
70 years George Chapman FCIS (Hon) Wellington
70 years James Crook ACIS (Hon) Christchurch
70 years Edward Frankham ACIS (Hon) Auckland
70 years Murray Hansen ACIS (Hon) Kawerau
70 years Denis Hardy ACIS (Hon) Auckland
70 years Frederick Huddleston ACIS (Hon) Auckland
70 years Gordon Leitch ACIS (Hon) Kumeu
60 years Robert Crickett ACIS (Hon) Auckland
50 years Kevin Duggan ACIS (Ret) Wellington
50 years Trevor Forward ACIS (Ret) Auckland
50 years James Kensington ACIS (Hon) Whangaparoa
50 years James McKay FCIS (Hon) Palmerston North
50 years Spedding Mills ACIS (Hon) Auckland
50 years Clive Quinn ACIS (Hon) Auckland
50 years Ian Ramsay ACIS (Ret) Wellington
50 years Grant Withers ACIS (Hon) Auckland
25 years Jacqueline Accorsi ACIS Auckland
25 years Michael Barton ACIS Wanaka
25 years Eric Shui-Hing Cheng ACIS Kowloon
25 years Joanne Cross FCIS Wellington
25 years Frank Freemantle ACIS Wellington
25 years Walton Goldsmith ACIS Whakatane
25 years Michael Gousmett FCIS Rangiora
25 years Keith Hartley ACIS (Ret) Wellington
25 years Eric King ACIS (Ret) Auckland
25 years Brian Lomax ACIS Napier
25 years Kevin Narbey ACIS Te Aroha
25 years John Paxie ACIS Tauranga
25 years Leslie Stephenson ACIS Auckland
25 years Gavin Sutherland ACIS (Ret) Wellington
25 years Michael van Breugel ACIS Auckland
25 years Peter Wales ACIS Auckland
25 years Rosemary Watson FCIS (Ret) Dunedin
25 years Hasita Wimalachandra FCIS Auckland
10 years Roy Bain FCIS (Hon) Auckland
10 years Russell Blackley FCIS Auckland
10 years Paula Checketts ACIS Invercargill
10 years Kim DeGarnham FCIS Christchurch
10 years Christopher Hays ACIS Auckland
10 years Mark Heron ACIS Auckland
10 years Wendy Page ACIS Wellington
10 years Kevin Soper FCIS (Ret) Dunedin