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Gender Equality: Are we there yet?

September 19 marks 125 years of women's suffrage in New Zealand. Women on Boards Chair, Julie Hardaker, reflects on how far we've come since the foundation stone of gender equality in NZ was laid, and notes there is much to celebrate..but are we really there yet?

OPINION: The words in the Electoral Act that gave women the vote back in 1893 were brief. It was just a few words, such as including females amongst those qualified to vote and including women in the definition of a person.

Many of the over 30,000 women who signed the petition that eventually led to the passing of this act risked their marriages, and in some cases their lives, to sign it. Some walked long distances, and many were working women like shopkeepers and teachers.

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Released by Waikato Times/Stuff 19 September 2018