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Company Culture

How boards foster a strong culture

Corporate culture is a hot topic for discussion right now, but how can boards get it right in practice? Directors can get ahead of the game by using digital tools to cultivate a strong culture and long-term success. Read more

Released by Board Agenda July 2018

Go beyond training to imbue the company’s values

Most business leaders agree — according to a study by Duke University, 90 percent of executives said culture is important to their firms. However, only 15 percent of these executives said their culture is exactly where it needs to be. So how do you bridge the gap?Read more

Released by Corporate Compliance Insights July 2018

10 steps leaders can take to create a culture of candour

Efforts to inspire openness from the troops may seem small, but over time your efforts will deliver much-needed changes to improve results. Here are 10 tips that you can implement immediately to encourage a more open, collaborative atmosphere. Read more

Released by July 2018

Why it’s so hard to speak up against a toxic culture

A group of women working at Nike anonymously surveyed other women colleagues about their perceptions of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the company. The results painted a clear picture of a workplace where women often felt marginalised, disrespected, and discriminated against. Read more

Released by Harvard Business Review May 2018