Governance NZ

Culture in the boardroom and the workplace

As ESG is more and more becoming an acceptable governance model, this week’s Technical Brief looks at conflict resolution, responsibility and culture.

Learning from and resolving boardroom conflict

Conflict drains all those involved of three valuable commodities: time, energy, and money. Why are such disputes not resolved swiftly, reasonably, sensibly and amicably? What strategies can parties adopt to resolve difficult conflict situations? Read more…

Released by Board Agenda January 2019

Ten mistakes boards can avoid on human rights

One of the most frequent mistakes boards make is failing to recognise the seriousness of human rights risks—but it isn’t the only hazard. Here are ten mistakes boards can avoid. Read more…

Released by Board Agenda February 2019

Corporate Responsibility: What to expect In 2019

As corporate responsibility continues to mature, one of the key shifts we’ve seen in recent years is a move toward “values.” A company’s approach to impact is a reflection of that company’s values -- and the values of its customers, employees and (increasingly) investors. Read more…

Released by Forbes January 2019

Why is it important to shift our focus onto corporate culture?

If thoughtfully designed, a culture will embrace corporate values and encourage employees to achieve long-term success - not short-term profits. Watch these two 90 second videos here - Video One and Video Two...

Released by Navex Global January 2019